Choosing a Pediatrician Near You

Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision for any family. Every parent hopes to find a doctor that can get to know their child well and follow them as they grow up. But how do you choose one? You can’t rely on reviews or word of mouth alone. Here are five C’s that you should look for when finding a pediatrician in Denver:

  1. Credentials
    Check for pediatricians that are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). You can also see if a physician is board certified in pediatrics or a sub-specialty like pediatric oncology. Board certification is a voluntary process that goes above and beyond state medical licensing requirements. It means a physician is committed to continually expanding their knowledge.
  2. Connection
    You need to know who will see your child when they are well and when they are sick. At some offices, based on scheduling and who’s available, you could see a different doctor at every visit. However, some practices believe in team-based scheduling, where a patient is paired with a doctor and a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. This helps make sure your child can be seen by the same “team” at every visit. This connection with your child’s care team grows stronger with each visit as you build a shared history. Your child will be more comfortable seeing someone they know, and your pediatrician will be more familiar with your child’s individual needs.
  3. Coverage
    Kids get sick at all times of the day and night, so it’s good to know what the options for care are outside of normal office hours. Some clinics have available hours after 5 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays for urgent issues that come up. The availability of an after-hours physician on call also provides peace of mind if your little one is running a fever after midnight.
  4. Cleanliness
    How does the waiting room appear when you first enter? Some practices proactively separate sick and well children to prevent the spread of illness, while others mix everyone together. Contagious children should be asked to wear a mask and hand sanitizer should be readily available.
  5. Convenience
    Progressive pediatric offices offer free online options on their websites like a symptom checker and a “page my doctor” service for urgent questions. These kinds of tools can be very helpful for seasonal symptoms and common parenting problems that may come up.

Greenwood Pediatrics strives to provide the best pediatricians in the Denver area near Centennial, Littleton and Parker by meeting all of the above qualifications and more. We invite you to call Judy, our New Patient Coordinator, at 303-221-6508. She will be happy to listen to your needs and set you up with the right pediatrician for your family.

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