Jodi Heiser, RN, CLC, ANLC, IBCLC


Getting the opportunity to build relationships with moms and babies makes my job the best one out there! I love working as part of a team with parents, helping them learn to be confident and successful in feeding their babies. I have learned that the bond between a mother and her baby is so connected to feeding. I believe it is important to look at each situation with fresh eyes, listen to what the moms ultimate goal is and help her reach that goal. It is also a part of my job to support and be there for moms who work so hard to breast feed their baby but are unable to do so. There is so much value in the effort they put forth that needs to be recognized. I am licensed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and an Advanced Nurse Lactation Counselor. 

I have been in Colorado since I was 2 years old and love hiking, running and spending time with my husband, our two adult children and our huge extended Colorado family.

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