Using the Patient Portal

*Please note: the patient must have an existing patient portal account

  1. Click on ‘Patient Portal’  in the upper right hand corner at

  2. Enter the log in information

  3. Select the patient

  4. Select My Messages

  5. Select +New

  6. In the To field, select the patient’s doctor

  7. In the I would like to field, select request a medical record

  8. In the Which record do you need? field, describe the form(s) that are being attached and any additional information needed (immunization record, medication form, athletic form, etc.)

  9. In the anything else you would like us to know field, please enter return info, additional information needed, details about the form, contact info for questions, etc.

  10. Select the blue attach a file button, select the file(s) to be uploaded

  11. Select send