Sonya Schell, P.N.P.

I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner that joined Greenwood Pediatrics in May of 2003. My background includes working both as a neonatal nurse and as a nursing instructor. As a Colorado native, I stayed in state to achieve my educational and career goals. My first degree is from CU-Boulder (a BA in Kinesiology). I then ventured to CU- Health Sciences Center for my bachelor and master's degrees in nursing.

I am married with two fantastic kids that you will hear about from time to time (Jacob and Mykenzie). I work at the Parker office and see patients with Dr. Sunit and Dr. Michelle. 

Sona Schell is a pediatric nurse practitioner at Greenwood Pediatrics in Denver, Colorado 80112.

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She is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- M

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