Michelle Chapin, MD

Michelle Chapin, MD

I grew up in New York State, received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Harvard College, and went to medical school at the University of California San Francisco.  I moved to Denver to do my residency at The Children's Hospital, and was fortunate to join Greenwood Pediatrics upon completion of my training. 

I live in Denver with my husband Thomas, a research scientist with the US Geologic Survey, and our two young children.  In my spare time, I enjoy sea kayaking and backpacking with my family, and playing the piano.   It is truly a privilege and a joy to help care for children and their families; I love what I do!

Dr. Michelle Chapin is a pediatrician at Greenwood Pediatrics which serves Parker 80134, Aurora 80138 and Castle Rock 80104.


Office:Greenwood Pediatrics Parker

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Patient Reviews

2 kids, been with Dr Michelle at Greenwood Peds for 8 years, great service and a great listener :)

Michelle makes doctor visit' so easy, she is patient, she really takes the time to explain things, she cares, and understands what we were going through. She also has great advice, being a first-time mom, I really appreciate her! We love going to her!
- Krista

We love Dr.Michelle. As a mother she understands my concerns.
- Katie

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