James Harrington, MD

My wife Deb and I both grew up in New England. I went to Georgetown University Medical School and moved to Colorado to do my pediatric residency and a fellowship in Neonatology. Since that time, I have practiced newborn and pediatric medicine in Denver. We have two children: Dan and Julie.

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Patient Reviews

Dr Harrington played a major role in my life and helped through multiple ailments throughout my adolescence. I personally connected to him that I felt it would have been normal to invite him to my graduation. For some time, I had the preconceived notion that I would be going to Dr. Harrington for a long time into my adulthood. That's how comfortable I was/ I am with him and It was a sad teenage day for me when learned that I will have to seek a new PCP as Dr. Harrington is focused on those early development years. Kudos Dr. Jim, you made all the difference to me.
- Scott

My son is 9 now and my wife and I agree that Dr. Jim was the best part of our son's infancy. Whenever a question of health came up, Dr. Jim was our savior. If you get to have him as your pediatrician consider yourself lucky.
- JJ F

Dr Jim never gave up on our kids. Except for his NP and our son. It is extremely painful to leave the practice after over 19 years. He actually got through to our son before now.
- Julie

Dr. Jim is an incredible physician. He has been caring for our boys since they were born and my eldest is 12 and the youngest 9. I trust his judgement implicitly. Our boys are very comfortable with him as well, and as they grow older, this becomes a paramount requirement. I refer families to his practice without question.
- Gigi

Dr. Jim has been caring for my 4 children for 17 years now. He is so patient and never makes our visits feel rushed. He listens to and respects my observations and always makes sure I am comfortable with the plan and that I can read his handwriting:) I always recommend Dr. Jim to families looking for a Pediatrician and who live in the southwest area.
- Yvonne

I dont know what our family would do without Dr.Jim. He is an amazing doctor and has helped us overcome so many obstacles with our son.
- Amanda W

An amazing man. He is highly competent and extremely compassionate. We have been blessed to have him take care of our children for the past 17 years.
- Cathy C

Dr.Jim has been our ped for 17 years now. He is brilliant, takes time to listen, and really connects with the kids. I can't imagine trusting my children's care to anyone else.
- christine

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