Connie Giarratana, MD

I grew up in Southern Florida and attended the University of Florida. I graduated with a degree in Microbiology in 1981 and attended medical school at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I completed the pediatric residency program at Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC and am board certified in pediatrics.

I've been practicing medicine in the Denver area since 1989. My husband, Charlie, is an OB-GYN and I have three children. I am an avid reader and enjoy skiing and gardening. During Football season you will find me in front of the TV every Saturday cheering on my beloved Florida Gators.

I joined Greenwood Pediatrics in 1993 and am the CFO (Chief Fun Officer). It's an easy assignment. What could be more fun than this job? I can't imagine a more wonderful profession, or a better group of dedicated professionals to work with. The kids and families I have come to know over the years are what make my job the best in the world. The fact that so many parents have chosen me to care for their children, who they treasure and protect at all costs, is a truly humbling experience, and an obligation I take very seriously. I promise to strive to always be worthy of that trust. 

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Patient Reviews

We have been seeing Dr. Connie for over 7 years. She has always been so patient and kind to all 4 of my kids. She takes the time to answer all my questions and my kids feel very safe with her. We are very blessed to have her as our doctor!

Dr. Connie is, by far, the best pediatrician I have ever met. My kids adore her and she makes me feel comfortable to ask questions. She is a gem!
- Megan T

I was referred to Dr. Connie by a friend. My shy (at the time) 2 year old responded to her right away. We have been going to her for over a year now. Cr. Connie is gentle and kind. I highly recommend her.
- Martine C

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