Chris Schleiger, PA-C

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado Denver in December of 1992. I completed the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in June of 1996. I began working at Greenwood Pediatrics in the fall 1996.

My family consists of my twelve-year-old daughter Lauren; and our Airedale Terriers, Mattie and Molly. My hobbies include mountain biking, camping (with backpack and tent!), weaving, gardening and playing the cello. My previous work history includes that of a librarian, typist, computer operator, and systems analyst; but, nothing I have done compares to the joy of working with children. I am one of the lucky few who enjoys going to work as much as most people enjoy leaving it! 

Chris Schleiger is a physician's assistant at Greenwood Pediatrics at Denver, Colorado 80112.

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